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Thoughtfully designed with form & function in mind, this 3-in-1 beauty tool features (1) a comb to separate and smooth, (2) natural boar bristles to swoop and shape, and (3) a pointed tip for the finishing details. All sales are final.

Baby Tress Edge Styler

  • Slick: Slick on your product of choice then seperate or smooth using comb side. 

    Swoop: Swoop with brush side to create your own swirls. 

    Define: Define with the pointed tip for detailing your perfect finish 

    To Clean: Use a mild soap and water to gently rub off any product build up on your Edge Styler™. Give it a rinse, then allow it to air dry.

    To Store: Re-apply the cap to the brush after every use to keep your Edge Styler™ cleaner for longer. Your edges will thank you.

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